Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Spring Bonnets - Post 2

I didn't have time for the little video I planned on showing.  I also need to come up with a better way to tie the hats on.  (I'll have to look and see how Phyl solved that one.)  Thanks for the idea, Phyl.  It was a hit!

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  1. I punched a hole in each side, and strung a piece of yarn or ribbon up through the hole, across the top,and down through the other hole. When I put the hat on the kid, I put the ribbon behind the ears. Their young hair can be rather slippery sometimes, but it works good enough for a quickie fun morning. I have rolls of colored paper tape that just need to be moistened w/a dab on a teeny sponge, so I don't need to use any glue at all.

    Glad you had fun! :D