Sunday, September 25, 2011

Yarn and Beads...Who Doesn't Love Those?

Hello, Blog!  Long time no post.  I actually start teaching my preschool art classes tomorrow.  They come a little later in the school year than the big kids.  I'm at home looking around on the web for some new inspiration and some ideas to bookmark for later lessons.

This is from the blog:  "cows go moo and ducks go quack".  I like her first image here and will be interested to see what else I find.
Googling "preschool art blog", I came across this first: 

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  1. Of course you can link up! And photos are cool too. I see it as a compliment and the point of this whole blogging stuff. Love your site too. Glad to have come across your webpage.

    Happy creating, learning, and most of all--playing!
    Gianne at