Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Preschool Weaving

Since all of my students in kindergarten through fifth grade are working on fiber arts right now, I wanted to think of a way my preschoolers could work in fiber as well.  Last year I gave the wee ones burlap, needle and thread.  Those mostly turned into balled up sculptures.  As much as I tried celebrating their sculptural forms, I don't think they bought into it.

It occurred to me that rug canvas might be a good a good medium.   It is stiff and the holes are nice and big.  So I brought out pipe cleaners and plastic coated wire and let the kids experiment with weaving in and out of the holes.

Some of the pieces were more "sculptural" than others but they didn't get to the level of being balled up like the burlap ones.


  1. Weaving's so much fun! We're doing some in Art Club right now, so hopefully I'll get some pics posted soon. I was thinkging about what to have kids do when they finish, and this may be just the thing! Thanks for sharing!!

  2. This is just a wonderful introduction to weaving for the littlest weavers - thanks for sharing!