Monday, February 14, 2011

Valentine Card for Itties

Hmmm....This might have been more helpful about a week ago. 

Needed:  Red paper......"fancy" edged scissors....glue.....colored paper (I like the shiny paper for this.) (And looking at the sample photo below, it was taken before I had the kids try the fancy scissors...oh well.)

Here's what my preschoolers made last week.  I cut red paper into 6" x 12" strips.  After folding them in half, I used the cutting press thingy to cut heart shapes inside.  Any shape could have been used as an opening with another theme greeting card.

I demonstrated how to use the "fancy scissors" that cut the unusual edges and then reminded the kids how we glue paper.  ("Just a dot....not a lot.") 

They had fun cutting with the new scissors and then glued the funky shapes on the solid half of the paper.  When the paper is folded back together, the heart shape shows through.

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