Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Critical Thinking Links

One of the big pushes my county has right now is in the area of critical thinking.  Since I need to present on this topic soon, I am going to be looking around for articles on the web about critical thinking and kindergarten.  I am going to use this space to park some links related to that.

Think About It: Critical Thinking
My biggest take away from this post: 
  • Ask open-ended questions. 
  •  Categorize and classify.
  • Work in groups. 
  • Make decisions. 
  • Find patterns.
How to Teach Kindergarten Children How to Use Critical Thinking Skills

Critical Thinking Activities for Kindergarten

Visual Thinking Strategies: Artwork to Enhance Critical Thinking and Expression (Virtual Tour)    video

The Daily Telecraft: Art Criticism Through Visual Thinking Strategies (VTS)

 Tips to Improve Critical Thinking 

 Visual Thinking Strategies    videos

 Using the Arts to Create Critical Thinking  video

Token exercise with kindergarten

Critique Sandwich

Critical Thinking Games

Nice Sensory Game for Critical Thinking

guessing gameguessing game 

 Critical Thinking Skills Through What's His Story

Guessing Game 

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